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What is Shot Blasting?

Shot Blasting

Here at HJC Specialist Coatings one of the main services that we provide is Shot Blasting. Shot Blasting is a great surface preparation technique and a key part of the finishing process that allows us to remove impurities and change the texture and strength of materials.

This process creates a smooth and easily paintable surface for our wet spray and powder coating work, therefore providing a much longer lifespan that maintains our credibility as one the North Easts most trusted painting and finishing companies.

The Shot Blasting Process

  1. A surface first enters our sanding bay to get buffed, removing any dirt, debris and impurities that could effect the Shot Blasting process
  2. The material is placed inside the Shot blasting chamber, where the process can begin
  3. Choose the appropriate type and size of abrasive material based on the workpiece material and the desired surface finish
  4. Shot blasting machines are equipped with essential components, including the blast wheel, recovery system, and dust collection system
  5. We start the machine, and the blast wheel propels abrasive particles at high velocity toward the workpiece. The abrasive particles impact the materials surface, removing contaminants, rust, old coatings, and imperfections while creating a textures or cleaned surface.
  6. The abrasive materials and contaminants are dislodged, they are collected by the recovery system for separation and potential recycling. The dust collection system captures airborne dust and particles generated during the shot blasting process
  7. We then inspect the workpiece to ensure that the desired surface quality has been achieved. Additional steps, such as coating or painting, can be performed following inspection
  8. Once the Shot Blasting process is complete, remove the material from the chamber for further processing or use.

The Benefits of Shot Blasting

Environmentally friendly

Shot Blasting is an efficient and effective process that is environmentally friendly compared to other surface preparation techniques. It produces minimal waste and doesn’t rely on chemical solvents to clean the surface that also means little harmful byproducts are produced. Due to the sustainable nature of the process it is also possible to recycle steel components used in the process.

Improved Adhesion

This technique allows us to keep our promise of reliable long lasting painting solutions due to the improved adhesion that Shot blasting provides concerning fresh powder or wet paint finishes. A combination Surface roughness, cleanliness and contaminant removal prepares the surface for a longer lasting and more durable coating.

Rust and corrosion resistance

Shot blasting is highly effective at removing existing rust, corrosion, and other contaminants from the surface of metal structures. By eliminating these corrosive elements, shot blasting prevents further deterioration and halts the progression of rust and corrosion.

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