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Powder Coating

Powder Coating is ideal where an attractive and hard wearing finish is needed either inside or outdoor. It is applied using an electrostatic process which is applied as a dry, free flowing powder. It is then cured in an oven which allows it to flow and form a hard durable coating.

Wet Spraying

We are dedicated to providing superior wet paint coatings and can accommodate a range of specifications in over 1,000 wet paint coating colours to provide resilience in the harshest climate or simply provide a cosmetic finish on materials including steel, aluminium, iron, plastic and wood.

Shot Blasting

For restoration work and paint removal, Shot Blasting is our preferred method of metal surface preparation for painting. This process involves the controlled blasting of the item with abrasive material in order to remove any current finishes and coatings while also removing any corrosion or rust.

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Inspection & Packing

Inspections and testing of every flight bar of material coated is carried out, along with a test panel for each colour we powder coat prior to safe packing


We offer a collections & delivery service across the UK subject to commercial arrangement

“We’ve been using HJC for all of our powder coating requirements and they are always reliable. We would highly recommend.”

Jonathan Cawthorn

Jonsigns Ltd

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