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What type of paint do you use?

We source eco-friendly paints from AkzoNobel and its trusted brands like Cromadex for wet spray painting and Interpol for powder solutions, upholding our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Visit our blog on sustainability to see a detailed description of our paints and their environmental benefits.

What is your painting process for your wet and powder coated solutions?
  1. The surface will enter the sanding department to be buffed down, creating a smooth base.
  2. A layer off Cromadex’s 909 primer is etched into the material, creating a smooth protective base that improves adhesion and corrosion resistance.
  3. (if wet sprayed) Compressed air is forced through the nozzle of a paint gun, creating a low-pressure area that draws paint from the paint pot. The paint is applied to the surface, creating a smooth and glossy finish.
  4. (if powder coated) Fed through an air gun, the powder particles are charged as they pass through the spray gun. The workpiece being coated is grounded, which creates an electrostatic attraction, causing the charged powder particles to cling to the surface.
How do I request a painting estimate?

Visit our contact page to speak to our paint shop manager who will be happy to provide an estimate based on the size of the painting surface.

What industry’s do you cater for?

We have the capacity to cater for a variety of industries including domestic, automotive, architectural, building products, road, rail, retail, leisure, and office products.

How do you determine the cost of a painting project?

The surface area, the type of surface, the type of paint needed, the number of coats and the location of shipping all determine the cost of a painting project.

What are the percentage gloss levels of matt, satin and gloss powders?

Gloss levels can vary considerably, but the following is a useful guide:

Matt is 25% +/- 5% (Tiger); or 30% +/- 5% (Interpon, Syntha Pulvin, Dupont).

Satin (Semi-Gloss) is 65% + 5% (Inver): 70% + 5% (Interpon, Syntha Pulvin, Dupont); or 75% + 5% (Tiger).

Gloss is 80% +/- 5% (Dupont, Inver) (Tiger): 82% +/- 5% (Syntha Pulvin): or 85% +/- 5% (Interpon)

High gloss is 90% + 5%, and their Satin and Gloss metallics are visual gloss only.

What is the maximum size you can coat?

We can accommodate up to 2.3m high x 2m wide x 6m length, subject to configuration and weight.

Do you have a RAL colour chart or swatch I can look at?

We have swatches available, which we can send you.

If these FAQ’s didn’t answer your query, visit our contact page to reach us direct!